"We want to make the world a better place."

Luck & Royalty Gives Back

With every purchase, 1% of proceeds will go to one of our favorite charities. Periodically we will change which charities we give to, as we have a big heart, and want to do our part in making the world a better place!

American Cancer Society


Black Lives Matter 

*Go Fund Me & *Patreon

If you have any charities or know of any charities that you think would be dear to our hearts, please let us know by sending us an email through our contact page. Please include “CHARITY” in the subject line with the organization’s website and social media pages in the body of the email. Also, please add a small description of said organization and tell us why this organization means so much to you and why you think it would mean so much to us!

*certain restrictions apply

*Please email us about your Go Fund Me and Patreon accounts. We try our best to give to those in need, however, with these type of accounts we need more info! We will always give back to those who meet our morals and standards.

*For Go Fund Me campaigns; We will check out each and every account that is emailed to us, and we will give to those who’s stories are truthful, meaningful, respectful to all human beings and hold our true core values at heart!

*For Patreon accounts; We do not support your hard work based on how many followers you may have or your level of editing skills. We just simply love creative content! Your content must be truthful, respectful, honest and real!

*We loooove KICKSTARTER campaigns as well!