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5 Easy Beginner Steps to Self Enlightenment

You must be ready to begin your journey or at least seeing what all of this is about!? Whatever reason, you've made it this far and we are happy for you! This is a big step and you should be immensely proud of yourself! The 5 steps that we are about to share are the very beginnings. They are not hard to follow and they will definitely start the opening process.

Okay let's get started!! {This is how exited we are!}

1) Your very first step is an oldie, but goodie and it really works! - Make your bed every morning. Don't just throw the the covers back and walk out. It only takes two minutes to pull the sheets back, fluff out your comforter and the pillows and arrange them neatly on your bed. We know child's play right? That may be for some, but by doing this it actually relaxes us {especially after a long day}. This is a proven fact. 

2) Pick up any items that may be laying around or out of place, put them away. When you declutter your home your mind will declutter. You can peacefully think and stay focused. When you finally surrender to the journey, you're going to want to keep tunnel vision. Obsticals will be met and faced on your journey, which is going to hard enough. Inanatimate obsticals don't need to interfere with that process. 

3) Practice the habits of mediation - Just as we discussed in this months newsletter, take a moment of mediation just for yourself. This step does not have to be longer than 5 minutes and can be anywhere there is quietness. Say a prayer or mantra. Speak positive words to yourself and about yourself. Thank your creator for all your blessings big and small. Breathe in and breathe out. 

4) Begin to really listen to all the sounds and voices around you. Listen to the birds, listen for the wind, listen to what people are saying. Listen to the flowers, bees and everything else in between. Listen to the universe. It speaks to us everyday. This is part of enlightenment. Being able to listen and hear what the universe is telling us. We live in a fast paced life. We hear, but we aren't taking the time to really listen to what's going on around us. This also goes for all of your other senses as well. Start taking mental notes of what you see, hear and smell. 

5) Take pleasure in all you do. This can be anything through out your day. Eating, sleeping, shopping, errands and any other activity. Be in the moment and be all there. Way too often and certainly now more than ever, thanks to technology, we aren't totally present. Being present brings joy. It gives us the ability to really connect with that moment. The world is already so disconnected, you don't have to be part of that disconnect. 

Well there they are! Our 5 beginner steps to enlightenment! We told you it wouldn't be hard, but as you see, it is not easy. Making the conscious decision to at least begin and try is a start in the right direction. Now that we've shared our 5 beginner steps, lets take a few moments to debunk some things that may be said or asked of about the above. Let's be honest to ourselves though. These are just excuses and I know because I have heard and said some of them myself!

I don't have the time in the morning! I have kids, pets, car problems, bus problems and spouse problems - The path of enlightenment is about making time. Taking the time to be in that moment. If you don't want to make the time, then you will continue to struggle because you absolutely can if you really wanted. When you make your bed it is an act of accomplishment, it helps relieve stress and it leads to other good habits. This is all mental energy which need to be cleansed in order to rewakened again and it starts at home. 

Why do I need to clean my house? I thought this was about spirituality? - Yes it is, but the physical must be cleansed just as much as the spiritual. Your home is your sacred place. The place where you relax and feel content. If your home is all over the place so will your spirit be. Craziness brings craziness and we are moving forward from that. It does not have to look like Martha Stewart's house, but keep it neat and tidy. Clothes hung, shoes away, dishes washed, counters cleaned, items in their rightful place. That's it. When you walk into your home it should give you a sense of peace. It should be a reflection and extension of how you see yourself or want to see yourself. Again, this all mental energy. 

I have kids and it's going to be difficult with them around- That's where they actually come in. Start teaching them the practices of enlightenment as well. Have them engage and help. Kids love a clean sacred space too. Give them the feeling of security when they walk into what is their sacred space as well. When they realize the feeling that this security brings, it will progress into them wanting to do it without being asked. They can even meditate with you. Mediation for children relieves anxieties, social pressures, and hyper activity. They will also become more aware of how to treat other children by learning empathy. It also helps them cope with frustrations that sometimes they can not verbally describe. They will be able to understand how to work through those emotions. Have them make their beds.  If they are too young have them try. No matter what the out come is give them praise for trying and then positive corrective behavior. Have them pick up their own toys and place them where they belong. This is a hard one I know, but consistent positive direction is going to lead to consistent positive behavior. They're little brains are absorbing knowledge faster than we can put on our socks, so now would be the best time to instill these positive behavioral changes. The younger the better. Old habits are hard to break. When you do good and feel good, they will do good and feel good  

It will take me so long to get there - This could be true, but it doesn't have to be. You're already at this point, which means you have been spiritually awakened and seek more knowledge. When you want something you go for it at whatever cost. Do the same for the betterment of your inner being. Enlightenment is not an overnight desire, but if you continuously, on a daily basis, practice it, you will be there before you know it. Don't rush the process though. Enlightenment is about slowing down. Being connected with self, but also being connected to all and all around. Once you start your journey you will see exactly what all this means and why these steps are the easiest way to begin. Trust in your intent and grow!

As Always #ittakesavillage ❤️




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