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It Puts The Lotion On....

Okay. So the title of this is from a horror movie, but in this case we concur. 

First let's start by discussing what in the world is a lotion bar? Every time we are at an event or pop up shop, people flock to our table mesmerized by our "soap". We then have to explain that it's actually lotion and the looks on their faces is priceless! This happens every. single. time and it's pretty awesome to see and discuss what they actually are. If you've never heard of or seen a lotion bar, here is where we will discuss them. A lotion bar is just simply lotion in solid form. Acts the same way and for us, definitely more beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing. Our lotion bars in particular, are handmade, by us, all natural and/ or organic. Some may contain real dried botanicals and/ or natural coloring. There are never any hidden ingredients. No alcohol, no dyes or harsh chemicals. We will always let you know the ingredients. There are no secrets here. 

So what are they made out of?

Our lotion bars have four main ingredients. Beeswax, olive oil, Shea butter and coconut oil. Sometimes we will add sweet almond oil. These oils and butters are very much beneficial for your skin. We also add essential oils, fragrance oils and we love to add dried botanicals, whic are actually edible by themselves, but please do not bite a chunk out of the bars out of curiosity. You will be highly disappointed. We do add natural colorant on occasion. This is mainly for the bars that we make based off the chakra system. I.e. Indigo, blue, orange etc. 

Why beeswax? 

Beeswax is the base that hold these little lovelies together. So sorry, no our lotion bars are not vegan for that reason, but if we ever find an alternative we will absolutely work that into our recipes! The type of beeswax we use is 100% pure white beeswax. We use white beeswax "pearls" that have been filtered for purity and the color naturally removed. This process creates an incredible clean white appearance while maintaining the natural beeswax smell. This allows us to control the overall look and feel of the scent and appearance we are going for. Yes you can still use the yellow beeswax "pearls", but this will inhibit a lot of the creativity as the yellow coloring might not adhere to certain colors, oils and so forth. 

Okay great! Now what about your oils and butters?

We use 100% natural coconut oil at 76 degrees. This specific coconut oil has a medium richness in the chain of fatty acids. It's orderless, unhydrogenated and is used in many skin care and cooking applications. This coconut oil is derived from the coconut palm oil, expeller pressed, has no added additives and is refined. The benefits of coconut oil are held so highly that nowadays it is recommended for all of your products. The benefits include, but are not limited to; improving skin issues such as, burns, eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis, anti aging, harmone balance, great source of healthy fats for cooking and injesting amongst an entire list of other health benefits. It's melting point of 76 degrees is what keeps the solid lotion bar soft and helps to maintain its moisture while hardening and whitening the finished product. 

100% pure olive oil pomace- Which is the pulp leftover from virgin olive oil after its first press. Nothing goes to waste! The only difference between the two, virgin olive oil and olive oil pomace, is that the pomace is refined, has less odor and less of the taste that is present in the virgin olive oil. This makes the pomace a perfect product for beauty, skin and health applications and benefits. It's great for cosmetics with its high oleic acid content . 

100% pure naturally refined Shea butter- After extracting the Shea butter from the Shea nut, the natural butter is filtered to remove any impurities resulting in a high quality pure product. The refined shea has less of an odor making it perfect for skin and beauty applications. Shea butter is an amazing emollient. It has a high level of non-saponifiables which makes it a great use for skin elasticity, stretch marks, anti-inflammatory and humectants. It also helps to block out UV rays. 

100% pure sweet almond oil- Almonds can be sweet or bitter, but this oil comes from the sweet almond trees (hence the name). It is considered to be rich in monosaturated oleic acid, linoleic acid and saturated fatty acid.The benefits of sweet almond oil are so much more than we can discuss here. Some of those benefits however, are skin care, it's hypoallergenic, can prevent black heads and acne. Can cleanse skin of dirt or any impurities, helps to soften skin and is great for sensitive skin. Can also help with eczema and psoriasis. Treat skin rashes, reduce fine lines, wrinkles and fight aging. Sweet almond oil is also beneficial for hair growth, shine and combatting hair loss. This sweet oil derives from the almond seed, is 100% pure, cold pressed, refined and loaded with vitamin E and Vitamin A. 

100% essential oils- Are plant based. This means that the plants natural oil has been distilled, expressed, solvent extracted, absolute extracted or by cold pressed. "Essential" comes from the essence of the plants fragrance. Remember if you do not see 100%, then it is not 100% plant. Benefits of essential oils are numerous and can be from anything from health to home. 

Fragrance oils- Fragrance oils are not always 100% and are mainly blended. Some can contain low level synthetic fragrances, blended with cheap oils and/ or diluted. Our fragrance oils come from the same company we get our oils and butters from, so we know and now you, that they are of the highest quality. Our oils are never diluted or blended with cheap oils. In fact most of our fragrance oils are 100% natural. 

100 % organic dried botanicals- Are real flowers, herbs or fruit that have been dried out. They are edible and can be used for cooking or to steep for tea and other medicinal uses. 

So why are your lotion bars better than tubes or pumps if we can find them with the same ingredients?

The solid form lets you control more of the bar itself. It stays solid until you are ready to use it and you get to use every last drop of it. Besides, they come in really cute different shapes, are a great conversation piece and great as gifts for any occasion. Simply put, there are just more fun! 

Whew! That was long winded, but we wanted to let you know what exactly lotion bars are, the benefits and what exactly goes into them and why. Now you can see why our lotion bars are such a hit! Wouldn't you rather apply these onto your skin instead of ingredients that are mostly water, which is the first ingredient in most, mainly artificial, chemically altered and the worst, the ones you do not now how to pronounce? These are the very reasons why we decided to start making our own!

What are your thoughts, comments or suggestions? Have you've ever heard of, made or tried lotion bars before? If you have let us know! If you haven't let us know! Share with us and the rest of the tribe anything you would like to add or know. Sound off below in the comments! 

As always, #ittakesavillage 

Love & Light,


Luck & Royalty 






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