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Your Yoni (Egg) & You

Have you ever used a yoni egg? Have you've even heard of yoni egg? If both of those answers are no. Then keep reading! A yoni egg ( jade egg or love egg) is a healing crystal in the shape of an egg that we insert inside of our womanhood. Yes you read that right. Inside. Yes she is supposed to go there and yes she is supposed to stay. No you can not eat them. But yes they are good for us. The yoni egg was originated over 5000 years ago in China. It was primarily used by empresses and concubines in the royal palace. This was a secret practice up until now. 

Yoni is Sanskrit for woman genetalia and means "sacred place". It's highly worshipped in eastern culture for bestowing life, creativity and love. Yoni eggs help us to feel more connected to our body spiritually. The yoni egg is great to use while meditating. It's also perfect for use while practicing yoga. It allows us to access our wisdom and power. To reconnect and honor ourselves. We rarely honor this sacred place and most time fill it with emotions that we do not want to face, feel or be reminded of. By using the yoni egg you are allowing yourself to honor thyself. It allows us to celebrate our wombmanhood. It allows us to propel the goddess into spiritual ecstasy. Learning to love your yoni helps in loving ourselves. When we love ourselves, we can better love others. 

It also brings out your physical and mental strength as well. When we use the egg we are exercising our yoni to become tighter. Ever heard of the term kegeling? Well that is exactly what's happening when the egg is inside the vaginal walls. We are mentally training ourselves to hold it in place. It should not slip out. It helps to strengthen the lower abdomin, pelvic, and diaphragms which serves as the vaginal floor. These are major organs. When we strengthen these muscles we have more control over our yoni. Strengthening can prevent leaks, weak bladders and is good after child birth to strengthen the uterus. It enhances libido and produces the yonis own natural lubrication. Learning your yoni will help to increase intimacy between you and your partner and will make orgasms better and even multiple. You may even experience a sexual hightend state that you've never felt before. And hey, that can't possibly be a bad thing! 

Using your yoni egg:

Before inserting your yoni egg, you will need to sanatize it. Do not use soap. Boil a pot of water and let it cool. When it's warm to touch, pour the warm water into a cup and place the egg inside of the cup. Never boil the egg. It can cause cracks. You will also need to cleanse the energy of the egg as well. You can smudge the egg, use sweet grass or palo santo wood. You can also place it in a small dish of sea salt. Be careful with this option however. Certain crystals can have a reaction to the salt. You can also use a little essential oil. Now that you have cleansed it, you will want to spend time with it. You want the egg to receive your energy. Roll it around in your hands, sleep with it and meditate with it. Ask your egg what it wants. Take a warm bath, take a day for yourself . Make yourself feel good. Pamper yourself. When you feel like you're ready to use your egg start by massaging your breasts. This will help with natural lubrication for easy insertion. Relax and count to 7. Breath in, set your intentions and slowly insert the yoni egg large side up. You will feel the egg being sucked up into your vagina. This is the natural process. If you are having trouble inserting, do not force the egg. Relax and try again. If you need to use lubricant, please don't use ones that are synthetic or water soluble. Olive oil, coconut oil or jojoba oil are best natural organic oils to use. 

Choosing the right type of yoni egg:

Traditionally yoni eggs were carved out of jade or rose quartz. These crystal eggs have been tested with time and have been used since the ancient days of China. Nowadays, they are carved out of various crystals. We believe, just as choosing any healing crystal, that the Crystal will actually choose you. It will call out to you and you will know. Whatever is going on in life, the crystal will come to you. You can also choose the type of crystal yourself if you are wanting to work on a specific emotion. 

Yoni eggs come in three sizes. Small, medium and large. Most women use the medium size, but we recommend if you are just starting out, to use the large size. It makes its easier to start vaginal exorcise and if your afraid that it may not come out. The small size is for advanced use so that it's easier to pull the egg up further inside of you. Once you start practicing, it will get easier to hold the egg in place. Don't worry about it getting lost. It's purpose is to stay. It will come down on its own when it's ready. A steady regimen is key in order to achieve the highest level of yoni spiritual, physical and mental strength. You will find that some have holes drilled into them. This is to ad a piece string to aid in pulling it out. We recommend using an egg with out the string though. The purpose of the yoni egg is to allow it to work its magic. We need to relinquish control into the yoni egg. However if you are feeling a little uneasy about just letting it do its thing, begin with the string and graduated to an egg without one. 

Depending on what type of crystal chooses you, you will feel different emotions and sensations. You may feel a new energy within you. These are the properties of that certain crystal and this what they do.

Always cleanse your yoni egg properly before after each use. Become one with your yoni egg. Keep a steady practice. 




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