Honeysuckle Goddess Lotion Bar

Honeysuckle Goddess Lotion Bar


Have you been putting everyone else before yourself? Well, we created this lotion bar for those queens who may have lost their way! Made with honeysuckle oil & honeysuckle flowers to remind us that we are delicate and yet strong. Vanilla black current as we are sweet, but still a little spicy! Added rosebuds because it is okay to purchase roses for ourselves! This lotion bar is to help us cherish just how badass we are while rocking our crowns and holding the world down! 

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  • Use her when you need to get back into you!
  • A night out with ya girls!
  • A night out with your significant other.
  • A day or night to yourself. 


Ingredients:  Beeswax, Olive Oil, Shea Butter, Honeysuckle Essential and Fragrance Oil, 100 % Natural Vanilla Black Currant Fragrance Oil, Dried Honeysuckle Buds, Organic Dried Rose Buds